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Never buy laundry detergent again!

Thanks to one of my herbalism teachers, I've learned this life hack...that my laundry soap is growing right outside my front door! You too can make your own, FREE, natural laundry soap 🍃🧖‍♀️✨


Watch my how-to video to see just how simple it is:

Best of all, it helps the environment in more ways than one:

  • By picking an invasive species, we are providing more space for the local native plants to thrive.

  • Being all-natural, it is chemical-free: great for our own health and the planet's.

  • We are saving CO2 emissions from transport.

  • We are saving resources as it is package-free.

  • Nothing goes back to the landfill: it is completely waste-free.


Steward the environment by picking invasive English ivy leaves to wash your clothes 🌱🤗 It's a major win-win for you, the earth, and all living beings.


Here’s how:


  1. Harvest a bunch of ivy leaves (~20-30 leaves per wash).

  2. Rinse & chop ‘em up (or gently blend in blender).

  3. Put the chopped leaves into a sock, tie it up, and throw in with laundry.



Follow steps 1 & 2, then:

  3. Boil in water for 10-15 mins, then let sit for up to 12 hours.

  4. Strain & use within 1-2 days, or store in the fridge for 2-3 weeks.

  5. OPTIONAL: Add 2 drops essential oils of choice and/or 1-2 tablespoons white vinegar to preserve longer.

  6. Pour 1/2 cup to 1 cup directly into laundry depending on size of load/soil level.


And remember to return the used leaves to the earth, either directly into your garden, or into the compost.


Thank you, nature! ☺️

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